Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Kim Kardashian Selfish Selfie Video

Kim Kardashian a world renown celebrity or is it socialite,  or is it reality star? it's hard to tell nowadays. Although the world knows her from the popular sitcom series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Kim has also made money from appearances, product endorsements, commercials, and clothing lines, and so on. This year Kim became an published author with her (New York Times Best Seller) book by Kim Kardashian West "Selfish".

Kim's book "Selfish" is just a picture book, or a book of photography. The reality is, "Selfish" the book is not a book on photography at all. It is simply a book filled with Instagram pics, that were posted on Instagram. Also to note, the "Selfie's" are not actual photographs, and the pictures were not taken with a professional camera. They were taken with her iphone.
Kim Kardashian Selfie from Selfish
This Youtube video titled "Kim Kardashian Selfie Selfish Video" is what you could expect to see in her new book. The Selfie Selfish Video is set to music, which makes viewing Kim's Instagram pics much more enjoyable.

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