Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Apple Is Developing the iPhone 6 and iOS 7

Rumor Alert, Apple has been working on the development of the new iPhone 6 as well as the iOS 7. Comments and rumors had been going around the developers circles for the last few months.

One developer has already demonstrated that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new iPhone6, 1- identifier, powered by a device running the new iOS 7, which will be released by Apple in the later part of this year.

The next iPhone 6 is rumored to be available in many different colors and screen sizes.

Still there has been no mention about NFC (Near Field Communications), which is a form of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for typical applications, which would be from file sharing to mobile payments.
iPhone 6 Concept Video
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Everything is still under wraps, with no leaks to anyone, but Apple needs to come out with some new technical or software advances, in order to keep up with their reputation for extraordinary hardware.

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  1. I wonder if the iPhone 6 will have NFC?

    1. There have been rumors, but Apple has not confirmed that they will have NFC on the iPhone 6.

      Important Note: Apple has filed many NFC patents in the last 3 years. So I would say that NFC enabled iPhone's will be released soon.

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  2. is NFC the same as RFID?

  3. NFC is (Near Field Communications) it is a secure version of RFID, that is used in payments, social media, and P2P sharing.

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