Thursday, 26 March 2015

Daily GIF: Cooking With Steve Reed

The Daily GIF: Cooking with Steve Reed. The story behind the GIF and video.

This GIF is from the video

Cooking With Steven: How to Cook Rice

Here is the GIF, along with the video snip-it of the actual point in the video. 

Below is the actual part of the video:

You have to watch the whole video to understand how funny this GIF really is.

It was an informative video by Steven Reed for university students, and this video was meant to be serious. There are a few parts in this series of videos.

In this particular video Steve is demonstrating how to cook rice, with a step by step tutorial. Steve also provides the actual cost of the meal, so university students can eat well on a managed budget .

Edited Version: The Scenario of the Video.

In this video, I had made some overdubs and a sound track to recreate an retro film studio, with the production staff recording Steve Reed as he proceeds to cook rice.

The video is a satire to unprofessional filming and editing, which is why you see the beginning credits upside down, along with the production crew making mistakes, and talking over the mic, on the actual live recording.

It is meant to be humorous, and humor is based on the individual watch the video.

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