Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Woman Spends New Years Eve Locked in a Store

A woman in France, spent her New Year's Eve locked inside a supermarket. The 73 year-old woman had felt ill inside the store, and decided to use the washroom. Once she was finished and came out of the toilet, she discovered the store had already closed, and she was locked inside the supermarket.
The woman had tried in vain to set of the store's alarm all night, with no one coming to the supermarket to see what was happening.

Eventually the older lady found her way to the managers office, and tried to get some sleep through the night.

On New Years Day the woman was discovered by employees of the store at around 10:30am.

She was taken to a near by hospital for a check-up. Through the whole night, locked inside the supermarket, the woman never stole anything from the shelves, and she had remained all night without food or water.

By John Krule (C) Copyright 2013


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