Sunday, 23 December 2012

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid: The Making of a Hoax

The Golden Eagle Snatches a Kid or The Eagle Baby Snatcher Video is indeed a hoax. The video was created by three Canadian students, as part of a class project.

The objective of the project, was to produce and create a video that would go viral, that would be a complete fake, giving the impression that the video was real.

The Canadian students chose a subject that would create a stir, an emotional reaction, and make the viewer share the video on social networks. The video of a golden eagle snatching a baby toddler in the park, set the background for the prefect hoax. Immediate reaction would  be disbelief when watching the video of the eagle, and would create a buzz on YouTube.

The students from the Canadian special effects program had just posted a new video titled "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid: The Making-Of" The following Youtube video shows the graphic content that was produced and used to create the video hoax of "The Golden Eagle Snatches a kid".


The video is a basic overview of the original content and effects produced for the original video.

The following video is the original video of The Golden Eagle Snatches a Kid

The Buzzfeed post of the hoax: The Golden Eagle Snatcher poses and excellent question, which everyone has overlooked, in their effects to prove that, the video is a hoax.

The question posed by the Buzzfeed post was, "Although many have claimed this video is a hoax, no one has mentioned, that this could actually happen to a toddler". You can see the Buzzfeed post here.

After watching both of the videos, would you leave your baby or toddler alone in an open park?

By: John Krule (c) copyright 2012


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