Monday, 9 November 2015

When The Fat Lady Dances

It's like the old saying "It's not over until the FAT lady sings". In this case it's not over until the FAT lady dances. This beautiful and talented woman demonstrates the the art of Belly Dancing. She is so inspiring, as you can see; she is comfortable in her own skin. Flawlessly belly dancing on stage in front of a full audience. Her aura and karma are just so amazing to watch and or witness.
Beautiful Woman

The Lady in Red exotic and sensual to watch. Her confidence in herself make her that much more appealing.

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Here is the Fat Belly Dancer GIF
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Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Kim Kardashian Selfish Selfie Video

Kim Kardashian a world renown celebrity or is it socialite,  or is it reality star? it's hard to tell nowadays. Although the world knows her from the popular sitcom series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Kim has also made money from appearances, product endorsements, commercials, and clothing lines, and so on. This year Kim became an published author with her (New York Times Best Seller) book by Kim Kardashian West "Selfish".

Kim's book "Selfish" is just a picture book, or a book of photography. The reality is, "Selfish" the book is not a book on photography at all. It is simply a book filled with Instagram pics, that were posted on Instagram. Also to note, the "Selfie's" are not actual photographs, and the pictures were not taken with a professional camera. They were taken with her iphone.
Kim Kardashian Selfie from Selfish
This Youtube video titled "Kim Kardashian Selfie Selfish Video" is what you could expect to see in her new book. The Selfie Selfish Video is set to music, which makes viewing Kim's Instagram pics much more enjoyable.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Daily GIF: Cooking With Steve Reed

The Daily GIF: Cooking with Steve Reed. The story behind the GIF and video.

This GIF is from the video

Cooking With Steven: How to Cook Rice

Here is the GIF, along with the video snip-it of the actual point in the video. 

Below is the actual part of the video:

You have to watch the whole video to understand how funny this GIF really is.

It was an informative video by Steven Reed for university students, and this video was meant to be serious. There are a few parts in this series of videos.

In this particular video Steve is demonstrating how to cook rice, with a step by step tutorial. Steve also provides the actual cost of the meal, so university students can eat well on a managed budget .

Edited Version: The Scenario of the Video.

In this video, I had made some overdubs and a sound track to recreate an retro film studio, with the production staff recording Steve Reed as he proceeds to cook rice.

The video is a satire to unprofessional filming and editing, which is why you see the beginning credits upside down, along with the production crew making mistakes, and talking over the mic, on the actual live recording.

It is meant to be humorous, and humor is based on the individual watch the video.

DJ Bobby FX


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Apple Watch: Countdown to Launch

So we all know, and heard the news that Apple is about to release their newest hardware to the market. The Apple Watch. Once again the most popular hardware maker on the planet will try to change the way we connect and interact with the online world, and to one another.

The video below showcases the many versions that will be available of the Apple Watch.


What are your thoughts on the new Apple Watch? 

The Apple Watch, when released will be available in three distinct models, to match the many different lifestyles of everyone. 

The Apple Watch: Direct link to the Watch page.
Apple Watch Sport: Direct link to the Sport page.
Apple Watch Edition: Direct link to the Edition page.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Apple Is Developing the iPhone 6 and iOS 7

Rumor Alert, Apple has been working on the development of the new iPhone 6 as well as the iOS 7. Comments and rumors had been going around the developers circles for the last few months.

One developer has already demonstrated that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new iPhone6, 1- identifier, powered by a device running the new iOS 7, which will be released by Apple in the later part of this year.

The next iPhone 6 is rumored to be available in many different colors and screen sizes.

Still there has been no mention about NFC (Near Field Communications), which is a form of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for typical applications, which would be from file sharing to mobile payments.
iPhone 6 Concept Video
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Everything is still under wraps, with no leaks to anyone, but Apple needs to come out with some new technical or software advances, in order to keep up with their reputation for extraordinary hardware.

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Woman Spends New Years Eve Locked in a Store

A woman in France, spent her New Year's Eve locked inside a supermarket. The 73 year-old woman had felt ill inside the store, and decided to use the washroom. Once she was finished and came out of the toilet, she discovered the store had already closed, and she was locked inside the supermarket.
The woman had tried in vain to set of the store's alarm all night, with no one coming to the supermarket to see what was happening.

Eventually the older lady found her way to the managers office, and tried to get some sleep through the night.

On New Years Day the woman was discovered by employees of the store at around 10:30am.

She was taken to a near by hospital for a check-up. Through the whole night, locked inside the supermarket, the woman never stole anything from the shelves, and she had remained all night without food or water.

By John Krule (C) Copyright 2013

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid: The Making of a Hoax

The Golden Eagle Snatches a Kid or The Eagle Baby Snatcher Video is indeed a hoax. The video was created by three Canadian students, as part of a class project.

The objective of the project, was to produce and create a video that would go viral, that would be a complete fake, giving the impression that the video was real.

The Canadian students chose a subject that would create a stir, an emotional reaction, and make the viewer share the video on social networks. The video of a golden eagle snatching a baby toddler in the park, set the background for the prefect hoax. Immediate reaction would  be disbelief when watching the video of the eagle, and would create a buzz on YouTube.

The students from the Canadian special effects program had just posted a new video titled "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid: The Making-Of" The following Youtube video shows the graphic content that was produced and used to create the video hoax of "The Golden Eagle Snatches a kid".


The video is a basic overview of the original content and effects produced for the original video.

The following video is the original video of The Golden Eagle Snatches a Kid

The Buzzfeed post of the hoax: The Golden Eagle Snatcher poses and excellent question, which everyone has overlooked, in their effects to prove that, the video is a hoax.

The question posed by the Buzzfeed post was, "Although many have claimed this video is a hoax, no one has mentioned, that this could actually happen to a toddler". You can see the Buzzfeed post here.

After watching both of the videos, would you leave your baby or toddler alone in an open park?

By: John Krule (c) copyright 2012